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Supporting initiation & continuation

Our unique support app is proven to double feeding rates at 6-8 weeks post birth to support your Baby Friendly Initiative targets. It's available 24/7 on your users' phones when they need extra help. Users can personalise avatars, skin tone, angles and holds in the LatchAid 3D breastfeeding & chestfeeding support tool.

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Answering parents' questions

62% of user queries are asked out-of-hours. Our Anya AI virtual supporter answers queries 24/7 across 1,001 days of parenting. Plus they can access 1-to-1 support from our real-life experts to get credible answers at the touch of a button. Building confidence, lowering anxiety, signposting further support which all help minimise readmission and lower workloads.

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Evidence-based & up-to-date

We've built our knowledge base with top experts with internationally-recognised qualifications so you know it's information patients can trust. Anya gives tailored insights for parent and baby's age and stage. There's so much to explore: articles, videos & webinars, in-app drop-in Q&As live or catchup.

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Levelling up inequality

We take PPIE seriously and co-design, co-develop, and co-evaluate our app features with parents and healthcare professionals. Users tell us they want personalised information, joined-up antenatal and postnatal care, and 24/7 support. We shaped Anya to address your service users' needs to improve health outcomes.
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Anya baby & breastfeeding app by LatchAid is DTAC Certified by 8Fold Governance

DTAC compliant & approved

We're DTAC assured by 8fold Governance. You can be confident that we take your end users' clinical safety, technical assurance, data protection, interoperability, usability and accessibility very seriously.

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