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Supporting parents is good for business

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Remote support & information

90% of parents recommend us, as getting encouragement and information at the right time can make a big difference at all stages of the parenthood journey. Enable your people to be supported with ready access to credible, evidence-based resources at their fingertips, 24/7 for 1,001 days of parenting, wherever they are. Even at 3am.

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Improved mental health

20% of new mums and 12% of partners struggle with depression in the aftermath of welcoming a new child into their home. Complement their healthcare provision with 24/7 in-app support from our Anya specialists who can be there when they need them. Personalised content delivered based on age and stage.

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Healthier families

Support through conception, pregnancy, early parenthood and breastfeeding initiation through to toddlerhood can mean parents and children are healthier, which means fewer absences when they do return. Employers who provide lactation support have reported increased satisfaction and retention of up to 94% (Bartick et al., Maternal & Child Nutrition, 2017)

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Learning & growing

90% of women gave up breastfeeding before they were ready to, due to physical and emotional pain and a lack of support. Anya and the LatchAid tool are here to help them through this period of learning and growing with their baby, to support their health.

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Trustworthy, evidence-based information

All of our content has been developed by leading specialists in their field, so that you can trust the information we give. We're recommended by the NHS UK. Our specialist team is available behind the scenes to step in when extra support is needed. Our average response time is <3 hrs with 62% of all queries coming out-of-hours.

Loved by parents. Trusted by businesses. Endorsed by the NHS.

We're a multi-award winning UK-based startup and part of NHS Innovation Accelerator programme, winner of the Women in Innovation award and of numerous Innovate UK funding competitions.

We're also DTAC certified so you know your employees' data is safe with us.

We've been featured on the BBC and Sky News as well as in 90+ press articles.

We work closely with our clients to deliver the support that you need to make our partnership a success.

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