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A Day at Google: Supercharging Anya’s Growth in AI for Health with Expertise and Innovation 

September 28, 2023

Anya embarks on a transformative journey as Chen & Andy stepped into the Google's headquarters for the AI for Health Growth Academy.

Google London Offices

Google London Offices, Pancras Square.

In the heart of London’s tech hub, 6 Pancras Square stood as a beacon of innovation, housing Google’s offices. Anya’s Lead Developer Andy Killingbeck and CEO and Founder Dr. Chen Mao Davies embarked on a transformative journey as they stepped into the bustling Google headquarters for the very first time. 

The day was already off to a showcasing start, as Dr. Chen Mao Davies was preparing to present at the HETT Show London, an event that showcases Healthcare Excellence Through Technology, and how Anya is revolutionising healthcare by combining artificial intelligence and human expertise. As she took the stage to share Anya’s groundbreaking work with a captivated audience, Andy began his solo adventure through the labyrinthine corridors of Google’s London office. 

Flying Solo: Andy’s Morning Odyssey 

Magdalena Przelaskowska and Noam Feinstein welcome talk at Google.

Magdalena Przelaskowska and Noam Feinstein welcome talk at Google, London.

As the clock ticked away, Andy delved into the day’s agenda, absorbing every detail and opportunity that Google had laid out for Anya. The first item on the list was a programme introduction and overview hosted by the Google for Startups Team, led by the dynamic duo of Magdalena Przelaskowska and Noam Feinstein. Andy found himself in a room filled with fellow innovators and entrepreneurs, all with aspirations as high as the Shard. 

The session was an immersive experience, exploring Google’s commitment to supporting startups in their journey towards excellence. As Andy listened attentively, he couldn’t help but feel the weight of the moment – the doors to a world of possibilities were swinging open, and Anya was about to take its next big leap! 

A Journey Through Knowledge: Insights from Google Experts 

The next sessions promised to be nothing short of enlightening as Susan Thomas, the Director of Google Health UK, took the stage to reveal the story of “Google in health: the story so far.” Her insights into the intersection of technology and healthcare left Andy and Dr. Chen Mao Davies with a sense of awe. 

Next up was James Matthews, Head of Revenue Strategy for Google Cloud EMEA, shedding light on “Growth in the AI Age.” His presentation was like a roadmap for Anya’s future, navigating the complexities of artificial intelligence and cloud technology with finesse. As the session concluded, we couldn’t help but feel invigorated by the immense possibilities that lay ahead. 

Nourishing Connections: Lunch and Networking 

Group photo outside Google London Offices.

Group photo of all 30 organisations nominated attendees for Google Growth Academy: AI for Health.

With brains buzzing from the morning’s insights, Andy joined his fellow startups for a delightful lunch and networking session. It was here that Andy had the chance to connect with like-minded innovators, share ideas, and forge valuable partnerships. The synergy in the room was palpable, and Anya was finding its place in a community of trailblazers. 

Unlocking Potential: Afternoon Workshops 

With Dr. Chen Mao Davies now back from her compelling presentation, she joined Developer Andy to soak in the wealth of knowledge Google had to offer. 

The day continued with a series of workshops designed to hone the skills of future leaders. First up was a Leadership Workshop led by Greg Albrecht, an Executive Coach. His wisdom and guidance were invaluable, helping the group to sharpen their leadership skills, setting the stage for Anya’s growth. 

Leadership Workshop led by Greg Albrecht, an Executive Coach at Google

Leadership Workshop led by Greg Albrecht, an Executive Coach at Google.

A Grand Welcome: Evening Reception 

Following on from the Leadership workshop, as the sun dipped below the London skyline, the formal welcome reception commenced, and Chen and Andy were joined by Anya’s wonderfully supportive Chairman, Dan Cobley. A true highlight of the day as everyone seemed to know Dan! 

Chen joined by Anya’s Chairman, Dan Cobley

Chen joined by Anya’s Chairman, Dan Cobley.

Prof. Yossi Matias, VP Health AI Global Lead at Google, and Sofia Benjumea, Head of Google For Startups EMEA, warmly welcomed Andy, Dan, Chen, and the other 29 chosen organisations into the Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Health. 

Sofia Benjumea, Head of Google For Startups EMEA

Sofia Benjumea, Head of Google For Startups EMEA.

The reception was graced by the presence of the UK Minister for AI and Intellectual Property, Mr. Viscount Camrose, who extended his support for Anya’s mission to transform healthcare.

UK Minister for AI and Intellectual Property, Mr. Viscount Camrose

UK Minister for AI and Intellectual Property, Mr. Viscount Camrose.

A Q&A session with Colin Murdoch, Chief Business Officer of Google DeepMind, offered unique insights into the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on society. 

Colin Murdoch, Chief Business Officer of Google DeepMind

Colin Murdoch, Chief Business Officer of Google DeepMind.

The Unexpected Turn: A Surprise Awaits 

As the day ended, the team received a gentle reminder not to be late for the bus…  

It had been an extraordinary day filled with learning, inspiration, and connections that would undoubtedly shape the future of Anya. As the sun dipped below London’s iconic skyline, the team’s anticipation was met with a delightful twist.  

Instead of heading back to the hotel, Andy bid farewell, and Laura Bravo Priegue, Anya’s talented AI Developer, joined Dr. Chen Mao Davies for an unforgettable evening masterminded by the Google For Startups team. 

A big red London Tour bus awaited them, ready to whisk them away on an enchanting tour of London’s landmarks from Big Ben to Trafalgar Square and China Town. The journey took an unexpected turn onto the bustling streets of Tottenham Court Road, where they arrived at Tutan, an ultra-posh Chinese fusion restaurant renowned for its inventive cocktails. 

Laura Bravo Priege & Dr Chen Mao Davies getting on a big red London tour bus

Dr Chen Mao Davies and AI Developer, Laura Bravo Priegue & getting on Google’s London tour bus.

Inside Tutan’s elegant ambiance, the evening unfolded with laughter while mixologists crafted cocktails that were nothing short of spectacular. This night of surprises, a fusion of traditional and cutting-edge, mirrored Anya’s own journey – a blend of expertise and creativity, a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. 

Tutan’s Crafted Cocktails

As they stepped back onto the bus, the night’s memories lingered. It had been a day to remember, a testament to the spirit of collaboration and the unexpected. Dr. Chen Mao Davies, Laura Bravo Priegue, were ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for Google Day 2, knowing they were not alone in their quest to transform healthcare through the fusion of AI and human expertise. 

Stay tuned for our next Google For Start Ups, Growth Academy: AI for Health venture – coming soon!

In the meantime, check out our recent article on Anya’s collaborative Human and AI approach.

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