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Together We Nurture

Anya is here to provide every parent with practical and emotional support on the overwhelming journey into parenthood.

Using smart technology, we provide parents and parents-to-be with vital support on their breastfeeding and parenting journey, anytime, anywhere.

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Increases confidence

Parenting and breastfeeding are hard, and every child is different. We’re here on a phone or tablet alongside everyone, 24/7.

Nurtures wellbeing

It’s the 3am worries that can get new parents down. #AskAnya and they get the reassurance to put their mind at rest.

Supports breastfeeding

Our unique LatchAid 3D tool has been designed to help increase feeding confidence and latch, where parents are.

Grows knowledge

How do parents know what’s right? We only give evidence-based information. Trusted by the NHS in the UK.

Gives them the best start

It takes a village. Our specialists are alongside every parent to achieve feeding & parenting goals now and in the future.

Our story

Dr Chen & baby - Anya baby & breastfeeding app by LatchAid

Here for every parent

Our Founder, Dr. Chen Mao Davies, knows first-hand what a lack of support feels like for a new parent. After a career in Hollywood special effects, the dreams of nursing bliss evaporated after the birth of her first child. Instead she experienced intense pain, and her emotions and thoughts spiralled downwards into depression. That’s when she decided to use her skills to develop an app to help all parents to be confident and to breastfeed successfully.

Sadly, Chen’s struggles are common. The UK has one of the worst breastfeeding rates globally; although 81% of mothers initiated breastfeeding, regrettably 90% of them gave up before they wanted to, due to lack of support, pain, health issues, and isolation or depression. This affects women of all backgrounds and demographics.

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Why we are no.1 for breastfeeding in the UK

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Find out more about our amazing app and the journey of our Founder, Dr. Chen Mao Davies

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