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Anya Health Shines at HETT Show 2023: Transforming Healthcare with AI and Empathy 

September 27, 2023

Check out what Dr Chen Mao Davies got up to at HETT 2023, including her latest talk on how Anya is transforming healthcare through the combining AI and human expertise.

The HETT Show 2023 provided Anya with a platform to showcase our pioneering work in healthcare AI and empathetic technology. Dr. Chen Mao Davies’s insightful presentation and Anna King’s recognition of our contributions highlighted our dedication to transforming healthcare for the better. We remain committed to driving innovation, improving patient care, and making a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry. 

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Dr Chen Mao Davies giving a talk on the role of humans in Anya's AI experience at HETT Show 2023.

The Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT) Show, held at ExCel London on 26-27th September 2023, proved to be an exceptional platform for healthcare innovators, including Anya. Although we didn’t have a dedicated stand at the event, our presence was profoundly felt, thanks to our CEO and Founder, Dr. Chen Mao Davies, who delivered an enlightening talk on “The role of humans in Anya’s AI experience.” This presentation was part of a broader discussion titled “How AI Augmented Technology Transforms Healthcare Access,” alongside esteemed organisations Feebris and Limbic. 

The HETT Show 2023 brought together leaders and visionaries from the healthcare and technology sectors, providing a stage to showcase groundbreaking solutions that have the potential to revolutionise patient care. Anya was honoured to contribute to this transformative dialogue. 

Dr. Chen Mao Davies on the Human Element in AI 

Dr. Chen Mao Davies’s presentation delved into the intricate interplay between human involvement and artificial intelligence within the context of Anya’s innovative healthcare solutions. She explored the pivotal role of human input in training and fine-tuning AI algorithms to ensure they align with patient needs, clinical expertise, and ethical standards. Her insightful talk underscored the significance of maintaining a human touch while harnessing the power of AI in healthcare, resonating with healthcare professionals and technology enthusiasts in the audience. 

Dr Chen Mao Davies talk on The Role of Humans In Anya's AI Experience.

Didn’t make it to Dr Chen Mao Davies’ talk?

Not to worry, you can read about our human specialists involvement with AI here.

Collaboration with NHS Innovation Accelerator 

Dr Chen Mao Davies and the team at Anya are immensely grateful for the opportunity sponsored by the NHS Innovation Accelerator, which enabled Dr. Chen Mao Davies to participate in the event. The NHS Innovation Accelerator stand served as a vital platform for our organisation to engage with healthcare experts, share our vision, and highlight the potential of our empathetic AI technology in improving patient care through technology and innovation!

Konrad Dobschuetz, National Director of the NHS Innovation Accelerator expressed his gratitude:

“Thank you, Dr. Chen Mao Davies, for joining us at the HETT Show 2023. Your insights on ‘The Role Of Humans in Anya’s AI Experience’ with an audience of 200 was phenomenal. Together with Limbic and Feebris, your presentation on ‘How AI Augmented Technology Transforms Healthcare Access’ will shape the future vision of AI in healthcare. Your presence not only enriches HETT but also sets an inspiring example for our new cohort of the fellowship as we welcome innovative organisations to the NHS Innovation Accelerator. You’re a valuable role model for those embarking on this journey of healthcare innovation.”
Dr Chen Mao Davies and Mindy Simon at The HETT Show on the NHS Innovation Accelerator stand.
Chen with Mindy Simon, National Programme Director at NHS Innovation Accelerator (left).

Anna King’s Recognition of Anya’s Contribution 

Another moment of pride for Anya at the HETT Show 2023 was when Anna King, Commercial Director at Health Innovation Network, delivered her talk on “FemTech and Women’s Health – Pioneering Digital Support in the NHS”. During her presentation, Anna King was asked to provide examples of exemplary organisations driving FemTech innovation, and Anya emerged as her shining example. The recognition was a testament to our outstanding contributions to breastfeeding support, maternity care through empathetic AI technology. 

Dr Chen Mao Davies with Anna King at The HETT Show.
Chen with Anna King, Commercial Director at Health Innovation Network (right).

Anya’s Commitment to Transforming Healthcare 

At Anya, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology. Our presence at the HETT Show 2023 reaffirmed our commitment to bridging the gap between cutting-edge AI solutions and compassionate patient care. We are immensely grateful for the opportunities to collaborate, learn, and share our vision with the healthcare community. Also to see lovely faces that we haven’t seen for a while!

Dr Chen Mao Davies with Jenny Chong at HETT ExCel London
Chen with Jenny Chong, Associate Non-Executive Director at Medway NHS Foundation Trust (left).

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Anya stands at the forefront of innovation, leveraging the power of AI to enhance the patient experience, improve clinical outcomes, and drive positive change in patient care. Our participation in the HETT Show 2023 was a resounding success, and we look forward to continuing our journey toward a future where healthcare excellence is truly driven through technology and empathy.

Next, we’re off to Google for Startup’s Growth Academy: AI for Health, to accelerate our growth! You can read about our next venture here.  

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