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Top 7 AI conversation topics during the summer holidays! ☀️

September 8, 2023

The most popular and engaging conversations with #AskAnya, our AI virtual companion during the summer holidays.

11th September 2023

Written by Hannah Cresswell, AI Specialist.

Father and son on the beach during the summer holiday

As the nights grow longer and the echoes of summer break fade away, our dedicated AI Specialist team at Anya has been hard at work analysing AI data. We’ve delved into the most popular and engaging conversations with #AskAnya, our AI virtual companion, during those cherished moments when the kids had the schoolbooks set aside. 

Antenatal: Surging Engagement During the Summer Holidays 

In today’s digital age, it’s no surprise that expectant parents are seeking essential guidance on antenatal care: preparing for what’s to come next! We’ve identified a surge in engagement with our AI-powered companion #AskAnya, during the six-week holiday period, specifically in relation to these four antenatal topics. 

1. Breastfeeding tips 

2. Hospital bag essentials 

3. Recognising labour signs 

4. Postpartum recovery 

Our new personalised content menus mean that users are accessing information relevant to their stage of pregnancy much faster and more easily providing the reassurance needed to feel confident when their baby arrives. It can be challenging to talk about some of the more personal, sometimes intimate changes to our bodies during pregnancy and postpartum and we’re seeing more users asking about the return of menstruation, sexual intimacy and contraception as well as recovering from birth and returning to exercise.  

Summer’s Most-Requested Conversation AI Insights 

The summer holidays might be over, but the curiosity never takes a break! The data is in, and we’ve uncovered what kept most of our parents busy during those six weeks. From the delicate art of mastering the breastfeeding latch to the soothing of an unsettled baby and even the quest for achieving better sleep – these were the most popular topics that parents needed the support with: 

1. Mastering the Breastfeeding Latch 

2. Soothing an Unsettled Baby 

3. Achieving Better Sleep 

These topics are never far from the mind of new families and often, other support dies down over the summer as it relies on volunteers who have their own children and holiday plans. Our AI system answered questions surrounding crying and reflux often alongside queries about painful latches which allowed specialists to respond in detail when called upon having already been provided with an in-depth insight to individual families’ circumstances. When it comes to sleep it can be challenging to know what’s normal and so it’s no surprise that our AI answered questions about sleep, particularly by users with babies under 6 months of age.  

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