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Pioneering 24/7 digital healthcare, powered by innovation and empathy. Download our brochure to read more about why 90% of users recommend us.  

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Transforming +5 million lives.

Empower your female workforce

Helps to boost productivity by 12% with happy employees. Personalised life-stage support guides users with unlimited healthcare expertise and 24/7 access to invaluable education, support, and communities.

Diverse workforces drive innovation with
20% more creativity and 19% higher innovation revenue. Helps to achieve equity, diversity, and inclusivity goals with personalised women’s healthcare support for your workforce.

Create a nurturing atmosphere by implementing our safe and non-judgmental app for employees to access reliable, empathetic healthcare guidance. Accessible anytime, anywhere; reducing time off for medical appointments

24/7 digital healthcare to support women's health

A digital-healthcare solution that provides 24/7 specialist care and empowerment through women’s healthcare journeys. We support fertility and pregnancy loss, to parenthood and the menopause. Experience the impact to your female workforce’s wellbeing with Anya; where exceptional care is accessible and cost efficient through pioneering technology.

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Women's health matters


Around 1 in 7 couples in the UK may struggle to conceive, which can significantly impact health and mental wellbeing.

Pregnancy & parenting

3 in 4 women with children in the UK, are working-mums. 84% face difficulties going back to work after maternity leave.


33% of those going through the menopause suffer anxiety/depression, and 67% of those report a negative impact on their work.

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