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Want to know how to get antenatal infant feeding information across to parents quickly & easily?

March 1, 2023

Calling all antenatal and postnatal healthcare professionals!

Join us at the Maternity & Midwifery Hour online on Wednesday 22nd March.

*If you’re on your shift then, don’t worry, you can watch it back via the Maternity & Midwifery Forum newsletter or on their YouTube channel the week after!

How do you make the antenatal infant feeding and relationship building information that you know you need to share, really be heard and understood by the parents you are working with, in the short time you have available?

Renowned Infant Feeding Specialist and NHS Baby Friendly Initiative lead Shel Banks knows how tricky it is to deliver this key information alongside with everything else you need to do in your allotted time with parents-to-be.

As well as a Q&A we’ll be presenting 2x 15-minute sessions:

Session 1 – What we know and understand about the issues of getting antenatal feeding information across to expectant parents

The latest evidence base, including recent breastfeeding research from The Lancet, shows the reality of breastfeeding initiation and continuation rates globally. The report recommendations highlighted the changes we can work towards to embed information around choices for infant feeding with new parents.

At Anya, we understand the evidence base, we understand the requirements of Baby Friendly accreditation and we understand the challenges of communicating the right messages in the time available: we know staff are spread thin in terms of time and resource management. 

We recognise that as healthcare professionals, you often have too many things to do in not enough time, and with not enough staff. We also recognise that the traditional ways of reaching people don’t work for everyone – and might not impact on the individual family in front of you.

Session 2: What can we do to facilitate fully informed choices around infant feeding and relationship building, for all the families in our care? We will share our top tips on how to get this information across in an inclusive and meaningful way, without negatively impacting your workload.

This session will include our top tips to be smart, use time and resources wisely, get the important infant feeding and relationship building messages across AND make a big difference to the experience of your local families as well as improvements to wider public health outcomes.

How can the Anya app help? As an evidence-based digital solution already in use in the NHS with monitored outcomes, we’ve got some excellent ideas along with a suite of evidence-based resources in different formats, suitable for different learning styles. Our app, containing the unique interactive 3D breastfeeding animation tool LatchAidTM, has already demonstrated improved breastfeeding initiation and continuation rates – and we can show you how it works.

We’re also working with government-funded SBRI Healthcare to research how our digital solution can improve access to support and reduce health inequalities in maternity care. This has seen us broaden our antenatal information in accessible, plain English formats, increase our inclusion of black women, young parents and low-income families, and develop new features to deliver continuity to our users.

Join us, and together we can help make antenatal feeding information land in the right way, at the right time.

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