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How to entertain toddlers

January 20, 2023

Young children are eager to learn about the world, and can be really entertained by all sorts of things that we might not expect, whether it is a trip to the park, a walk round your local area, getting all the pants, and a couple of wooden spoons out, and letting them bang. Things together, stacking things on top of each other, playing with simple toys, or looking at picture books. They certainly don’t need a lot of expensive toys or games, and free local sites. Often have people offering to gift or sell inexpensively toys that their children have grown out of, so keep your eyes open if you like a bargain!

If you are breastfeeding a new baby, then entertaining your toddler with a special bag of things which comes out only at nursing time, containing a few extra books or games that you can play sitting down, may be a great idea – as well as making sure that there are some things that your older child can do for themselves, like get their own snacks or use the potty. 

Most of all, enjoy it! 

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