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TechSPARK: LatchAid reveals users breastfeed for longer.

August 11, 2022

LatchAid Continues to Empower Breastfeeding Mothers Globally

from TechSPARK, 11th August 2022

As we celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, LatchAid, the revolutionary breastfeeding and early parenthood support app, shares uplifting news about its impact since launching in July 2021. With over 7,000 users across 94 countries, the app has not only garnered widespread global adoption but has also significantly contributed to increasing breastfeeding duration among mothers.

Extended Breastfeeding Success:
For instance, early results indicate that mothers utilising LatchAid are more likely to continue breastfeeding for an extended period. A six-month NHS trial revealed that, among the 271 UK-based survey respondents using the app, an impressive 49% were exclusively breastfeeding at 6-8 weeks, surpassing the national average of 24%.

Addressing Breastfeeding Challenges:
Dr. Chen Mao Davies, the Founder of LatchAid, emphasises the transformative impact of the app. She notes, “Traditionally, the UK has struggled with low breastfeeding rates. LatchAid addresses the challenges mothers face by providing essential support during this crucial time.”

Innovative Technology for Breastfeeding Support:
LatchAid’s groundbreaking app utilises cutting-edge 3D interactive technology and 3D avatars to help mothers intuitively learn breastfeeding skills. The app fosters virtual networks that connect breastfeeding mothers, facilitating close-knit peer-to-peer support groups. Additionally, the inclusion of an empathetic AI-powered virtual chatbot and live 1-2-1 support from human experts ensures personalized expertise and companionship 24/7.

Navigating Parenthood Challenges:
In light of the ongoing access challenges to healthcare professionals and breastfeeding rates, Dr. Chen Mao Davies emphasises the urgency of 24/7 support for parents. LatchAid continues to provide evidence-based parenting support and advice. In alignment with this year’s World Breastfeeding Week theme ‘step up and support’.

Investment and Growth:
LatchAid’s growth in the past year has been bolstered by support from Innovate UK EDGE Finance Specialist, Ed Tellwright. Meanwhile, Ed played a pivotal role in preparing LatchAid to raise £1m in Funding and Finance. The company’s journey has culminated in a successful investment round. From receiving the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award in 2020 to participating in Pitchfest.

Future Endeavors:
To clarify, funds from the latest investment round are dedicated to enhancing LatchAid’s technical and commercial teams. This will expand its B2B offerings to healthcare organisations as a licensed prescription app. LatchAid’s future plans include extending its scope to the first 1,000 days of parenthood, addressing a broader range of challenges. As a result, a rebranding initiative later this year will support this expanded vision.

Finally, LatchAid’s positive impact on breastfeeding mothers globally is a testament to its innovative approach. In addition to it’s commitment to supporting families through the challenges of early parenthood. Certainly, the company continues to redefine the relationship between mothers and breastfeeding. Innovate UK EDGE remains a steadfast supporter of this pioneering Femtech innovator.

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