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Update on our SBRI Phase 1 project

March 30, 2023

Working to deliver the feasibility phase for our app to demonstrate improvements in health inequalities in maternity care

It’s been another busy period where we move forward on our SBRI Healthcare and NHS England project. We recently completed all the app development work and released a major app update, just in time for our Lead Developer to go on paternity leave! Congrats to Andy and Sarah on the safe arrival of their daughter.

Our AI engineer, Laura, joined us in January and has already made a big impact. Alongside improvements to make our current AI more friendly and easier to talk to, Laura has also been working on technology roadmaps for the future, where we will take our AI to the next level. Anya as a virtual companion will learn and remember details about our users, their families and their needs, providing parents with even more tailored, compassionate and nurturing support, 24/7.

Our clinical team have excelled themselves over the last 3 months, creating a huge breadth of new content to support parents antenatally, as well as postnatally. To bring all of this together, we have devised the digital footprint feature on the app which shows where the user has been, how much they have accessed of antenatal age & stage course resources, and setting goals. We want to empower our users as they get ready for next stage of their parenthood journey. This feature is in testing and will be released shortly.

In terms of project phases, we’re now in the evaluation stage where we are collecting feedback from many mothers and other parents in our target groups of Black mothers, white families in low income areas and young parents. This is to understand how our new features and content are supporting our target groups.

If you’re in one of these groups, you can get involved! Go to our information page to find out more and complete our survey, and help us drive down health inequalities in the UK.

Can you help us address Health Inequalities in Maternity Care?

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