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Anya updates with Inclusion and Maternity Equality in mind

March 2, 2023

We’re excited to tell you that our latest app version includes what has been a HUGE piece of work, in line with our SBRI Healthcare and NHS England project on #Maternity #Inequality.

This week saw another new app version release but this time, it’s all been focussed on #Parents #Inclusion. We’ve built:

In #AI

🎁 Customised icon, persona, skin tone and chat tone of the #AskAnya AI chatbot.

🎁 Personalised conversation starters from Anya AI based on the user’s and baby’s age and stage.

🎁 AI teaser bubbles with age/stage-related prompts to encourage the user to start a conversation with Anya.

🎁 More antenatal content and personalised lead-on options based on the user’s stage.

In Insight page:

🎁 Tailored articles, videos, contents, and imagery are based on the parent’s and baby’s age, stage, and #Ethnicity. A search bar is added for keyword search.

All-new app features in the Anya pregnancy, baby & breastfeeding app

In Explore page:

🎁 Oodles more articles, webinars, virtual drop-ins for 1,001 days of #Parenting. A search bar is added for keyword search.

🎁 Antenatal virtual drop-ins.

In LatchAid 3D #Breastfeeding animation tool:

🎁 Sliders to customise the mother and baby skin tones within a full spectrum.

Antenatal & postnatal cohort

🎁 Antenatal signposts to useful articles, videos, resources, and virtual drop-ins during #Antenatal and #Postnatal journeys.

Parent’s personal profile:

🎁 User can pop journey and history to date in a user history notebook in the User Profile page.

Go take a look!

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