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BBC News showcases LatchAid technology

December 5, 2022

Gloucestershire story about our app goes viral!

Mum creates breastfeeding app to support women

A CGI specialist has created an app to help support women with breastfeeding.

Special effects artist Chen Mao Davies, from Cirencester, has worked on films such as Gravity and Blade Runner 2049.

She used the same software from those films to create 3D avatars of a mother and baby in different feeding positions for her new 3D breastfeeding tool app LatchAid, as part of the Anya baby & breastfeeding app.

It gives accurate help and support that has been verified by breastfeeding consultants to help mums with newborn babies.

It is now is being trialled by the NHS.

Published 16 December 2021

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