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Anya receives £500,000 award from NHS England

February 5, 2024

Anya will receive a £500,000 from NHS England in February for it's SBRI Phase 2 Pilot and Evaluation in Greater Manchester Local Maternity and Neonatal Systems.

Anya is due to receive a £500,000 award from NHS England in February 2024, following a successful SBRI Healthcare Phase 1 pilot. This will be allocated to a groundbreaking SBRI Healthcare phase-2 initiative aimed at combating health inequalities in maternity care.

CEO’s Commitment to Addressing Challenges

Dr. Chen Mao Davies, CEO and Founder of Anya, asserts, “In the UK, Black and Asian women face higher risks during pregnancy and childbirth, and we also acknowledge poorer health outcomes for babies from socioeconomically deprived backgrounds. At Anya, we are committed to addressing these challenges head-on, harnessing innovation and empathy.”

Dr-Chen-Mao-Davies Founder CEO LatchAid Ltd.
Anya AI Powered companion. Anya award from NHS England SBRI Phase 2

Innovative Solution and Global Impact

Combining cutting-edge AI-powered 24/7 support with 3D interactive technology, we offer unparalleled education, support, and community engagement all in one place. We designed this innovative solution to enhance the overall experience for users. Additionally, co-created by top clinicians, technologists, and users, Anya has successfully aided parents in over 100 countries. It is also available to 5 million NHS users.

Public Patient Involvement and Engagement in 2023

Furthermore, in 2023, we dedicated ourselves to extensive Public Patient Involvement and Engagement. Our specific focus was on understanding the challenges faced by disadvantaged communities. In particular, parents from ethnic minority backgrounds and IMD 1 & 2. Tailoring our products and services accordingly, we’ve ensured inclusivity and accessibility, delivering 24/7 continuity of care.

Anticipation for SBRI Phase-2 and Expansion Plans

Excitingly, this is just the beginning. 🤩 As we anticipate SBRI phase-2, we are ready to actively expand our impactful work. This expansion will involve further Public Patient Involvement and Engagement, product research and development. A large-scale pilot with Greater Manchester and East Cheshire Local Maternity and Neonatal System will take place. This will be followed by a full evaluation.

Key Elements of Phase 2 Project

A key element of the Phase 2 project involves further development of the app to support parents experiencing health inequalities. In this case, this project will build on our SBRI Phase 1 Public Patient Involvement and Engagement work, in which we engaged with black mums, young parents, and socioeconomically deprived groups. We are committed to continuing these efforts. Furthermore, our collaboration with Greater Manchester and East Cheshire LMNS will deepen our engagement with demographic groups experiencing health inequality.

Health Outcomes Data Collection and Collaboration

Additionally, over the next 9-12 months, we’ll collect health outcomes data from all parents within Greater Manchester. This data will provide valuable insights into the broader impacts of Anya on local healthcare systems. Importantly, this will aid our understanding and collaboration with partners. Furthermore, this marks a crucial step in advancing our impactful work and fostering innovation in healthcare.

Together, we actively aim to make a lasting impact on health inequalities in maternity care. Stay tuned for more updates throughout 2024! 👀

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