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Anya app launches in Somerset to support new parents.

February 13, 2023

Nurturing New Beginnings: Anya App Revolutionises Parenting Support in Somerset

from Somerset County Gazette, 11th February 2023

Anya launches in Somerset; revolutionising Somerset’s parenting landscape. Providing invaluable guidance through the crucial first 1001 days after birth. It stands as a game-changer for families navigating the realms of pregnancy, parenting, and infant feeding.

Available for families in Yeovil Hospital, Bridgwater Hospital, Musgrove Park Hospital, or those opting for a home birth. The premium version is available as a three-month trial until April 30, 2023.

Showcasing a unique 3D ‘LatchAid’ animation tool, it seamlessly guides mothers on optimal breastfeeding positions. Remarkably, outcomes from 12 NHS trusts demonstrate a doubling of breastfeeding duration—from 3-4 weeks to an impressive 6-8 weeks.

In the premium version, parents can effortlessly:

  • Access ‘Anya AI virtual supporter’ for unlimited questions
  • Participate in webinars
  • Explore diverse breastfeeding positions through the LatchAid 3D tool

A wealth of information is just a click away!

Liz Gunn, infant feeding team lead at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, expresses her excitement of Anya launching in Somerset. The app’s potential to offer trusted information and support at parents’ fingertips.

As the three-month trial unfolds, healthcare professionals eagerly anticipate gaining insights into the Anya app’s impact. Understanding underserved communities, addressing inequalities, and enhancing breastfeeding rates. By Summer 2023, a comprehensive understanding is expected, paving the way for improved health outcomes.

Post-trial, families seamlessly transition to the free version, ensuring continued access to essential resources and the basic LatchAid tool. Don’t miss out. Download the Anya app on IOS or Android via the app store and embark on a transformative parenting journey today. For a deeper dive into the app’s features and impact, explore the full press release.

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