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Anya app now on Android

November 17, 2022

We’re delighted that our ground-breaking app is now on Google Play!

Download the app now.

Our team has expanded to deliver a whole new Gen2 app, rebuilt and upgraded for 2023. Now available to all Android device users, whether phone, tablet or Chromebook.

New and upgraded key features include:

  • Upgraded 3D breastfeeding and latching animations in our LatchAidTM tool.
  • New evidence-based resources in our Anya AI virtual supporter – incorporating sentiment analysis to flag user issues to our specialist team.
  • Improved user interface and interaction, with increased options for personalisation.

LatchAid Ltd.’s founder and CEO, Dr. Chen Mao Davies, said, “Nobody tells you how difficult and painful breastfeeding can be and how lonely early parenthood is. Everyone has so many questions at every stage and needs support and encouragement to parent and breastfeed successfully. I’m so excited that our new app has come to Android. Most people around the world now have a phone and so we can reach so many more families who need support 24/7, anywhere they are.”

To learn more about our unique app and its application in healthcare systems and companies around the world, drop us a note here.

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