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Elevate Your Family Hubs and Start for Life Offering with Anya.

Enhancing Family Hubs with Anya

Welcome to Anya, your partner in Family Hubs and Start for Life programme delivery. Anya compliments your existing local support services to bring parents 24/7 holistic support in breastfeeding, infant feeding and parenting. Learn how Anya is helping local areas to meet programme requirements.

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Read how Anya supports the Family Hubs & Start for Life initiative.

Minimum programme requirements:

1. Parents are invited to decide antenatally whether they want to breastfeed. They are made aware of what the challenges might be and what support is available.

2. Parents are actively directed to virtual and out of hours infant feeding support.

3. Parents are connected to online infant feeding information so they are aware of the reliable and evidence-based resources available and how to access them.

4. Remote / virtual infant feeding support is available and accessible to all parents.

Anya’s support in achieving the minimum requirements:

1. Antenatal Decision-Making: Anya empowers parents with comprehensive information on breastfeeding challenges and available support, facilitating informed decision-making before birth.

2. Virtual Out of Hours Support: Anya offers parents a 24/7 AI-powered virtual companion, written by specialists, enabling accessibility and guidance beyond usual working hours. In addition, Anya provides interactive 3D breastfeeding animations to learn breastfeeding skills intuitively.

3. Access Reliable Online Resources: Anya seamlessly connects parents to online reliable and evidence-based infant feeding information, fostering awareness and education.

4. Personalised Content & Programmes: With Anya, remote / virtual infant feeding support becomes a reality for all parents, ensuring evidence-based support is available at their fingertips 24/7.

Go-further programme requirements:

1. An out of hours infant feeding support service is provided.

2. Virtual support is available in a way that is convenient for parents whenever issues occur, and that goes above and beyond the minimum expectations:

◌   Parents having access to a key contact or local helpline when they need advice quickly or are keen to understand what local face to face services are available and suitable for them.

◌   Creating a local support app or online forum where parents can access peer to peer support.

◌   Establishing a virtual forum where parents can report problems, professionals/peers triage the issues, and parents receive a follow up contact quickly.

Anya’s support in achieving the go-further requirements:

1. Antenatal Decision-Making: Anya empowers parents with comprehensive information on breastfeeding challenges and available support, facilitating informed decision-making before birth.

2. Signposting users: to their available support within the community’s family hubs provides users with a seamless end-to-end service and visibility on the available support services. Also, our 24/7 AI service is available at all times for parents to seek support and guidance.

◌  Peer-to-Peer Support: Creating a sense of community with Anya. Allowing parents to connect with peers for valuable insights and shared experiences on a variety of topics.

◌  Communities and Remote Infant Feeding Experts:
Anya’s communities provide a safe, moderated space where parents can build relationship with parents going through the same experiences. Alongside this, 1-2-1 support is available.

Instant messaging with our real-life breastfeeding and parenting specialists is available in-app. For empathetic, credible support and advice that is personalised to the users situation.

Together we will achieve more

We’re partnered with several local councils as part of their Family Hubs initiatives. Our small team works closely with Family Hub Leads and healthcare professionals to ensure that our 24/7 service is seamlessly integrated as part of your holistic infant feeding approach.

Find out more below as our partners in Blackpool share their experience in partnership with Anya; showcasing the positive outcomes.

Partner feedback

“Anya supports the low literacy levels of Blackpool’s community. Information is provided in various formats - allowing users to choose the area of support they need, as well as the format. We know parents are spending more time reading credible, evidence-based information – which is a win! And our HCPs love the 3D breastfeeding animations and say they are being well received by our parental users – providing another way to learn."
Vicki Morgan
Blackpool Council’s Service Manager

Powered by 24/7 empathy and innovation

We use innovative technology to help parents in overcoming feeding challenges and gaining confidence. With Latchaid™, our interactive 3D breastfeeding feature, we make it easy to learn crucial skills such as holding positions, recognising hunger cues, and understanding tongue movement during feeds.

Our AI-powered virtual assistant, Anya, is available 24/7 and successfully addresses 95% of user enquiries. Empathetic responses, generated using evidence-based healthcare information, are crafted by our team of NHS specialists and healthcare experts. We also offer a supportive community of like-minded parents who can provide a close-knit network of help and advice.