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Free 24/7 infant feeding support on your phone

That is why we created Anya, using pioneering 3D & AI technology to support breastfeeding and your early parenthood journey.

With one-to-one support from lactation experts and chat groups with other parents, Anya will provide you with round-the-clock advice and support.

Your local healthcare provider, HCRG Care Group, has partnered with Anya to offer Premium access free of charge* for your pregnancy plus five months!

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Anya is a pioneering app that utilises cutting-edge AI & 3D technology to help you learn parenting and breastfeeding skills intuitively. Virtual support communities connect you to a close-knit support network, and the AI-powered Anya virtual supporter provides you with personalised expertise and companionship 24/7

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Anya from LatchAid Ltd. is GDPR-compliant. Please note that the app is designed as a parenting and lactation support tool. Any information received through the app does not amount to medical advice. All medical conditions and concerns should be referred to a medical professional.

*Free Premium upgrade is only valid for residents of the HCRG Lancashire area. This currently excludes Blackpool, Blackburn and Darwen unitary authorities. Offer expiry date 31st March 2024.

Normal cost £12.99 per month.