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Welcome Gloucester parents!

If you are a resident parent or parent-to-be in Gloucester or the Forest of Dean, you can enjoy FREE premium access to the Anya app. 

Premium access is granted for the duration of your pregnancy + three months after the birth of your baby.

In partnership with Gloucester and Forest of Dean

Anya is a one-of-a-kind app; founded by a mum who faced challenges on her own breastfeeding journey. The same, very real challenges that we all face as parents. This is what sets Anya apart from the rest - it's designed with empathy.

Anya uses intelligent technology and a team of top healthcare experts to support you. This app is now available FREE for parents in Gloucester and the Forest of Dean, offering you the empathetic and personalised support you need, and deserve on your parenting journey

How will Anya support you?

The Anya app uses cutting-edge AI and 3D interactive technology to help parents overcome feeding challenges, grow knowledge and build confidence. 

Using Latchaid’ ™ 3D animations, our interactive breastfeeding feature will guide you on how to hold your baby, identify typical hunger cues, and understand how your baby’s tongue moves during a feed. This helps you to learn breastfeeding skills intuitively.

The AI-powered Anya virtual supporter provides you with 1-2-1 personalised expertise and companionship 24/7 to guide you through your worries. 

Our AI responses are written by clinical specialists and supported by many NHS providers. Virtual communities connect you to a close-knit support network of other parents experiencing the same parenting situations.

Top features:

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Anya from LatchAid Ltd. is GDPR-compliant. Please note that the app is designed as a parenting and lactation support tool. Any information received through the app does not amount to medical advice. All medical conditions and concerns should be referred to a medical professional. Eligibility based on postcode. Free Premium upgrade only valid for residents of Gloucester and Forest of Dean.