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Supporting families through their biggest feeding challenges.

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Shaping the future of families


Supporting expectant parents from conception to birth through personalised content, a tailored interactive antenatal programme, caring community and evidence-based information from our in-app specialists, accessible anytime through the app. We’re here for them every step of the way.


Infant Feeding

Providing evidence based information and support for breastfeeding, combination, feeding and formula feeding parents starting during pregnancy and continuing to meet their needs as the baby grows. Unique interactive 3D animations, informative articles, webinars and access to specialists.


As baby changes and grows from newborn into toddlerhood, Anya grows with the family and provides in-app content as articles, webinars, and chat conversations, as well as access to our specialists, to cover a wide range of topics from sleep, to nappies, to managing the hot weather.

Because families of little people, sometimes need big support.

Anya is a top-rated app supporting parents on their breastfeeding journey. Created by a mother who faced her own challenges, Anya offers a blend of real-life empathy and cutting-edge technology.

Anya provides personalised support to meet the needs of every parent. Available free of charge for one month to all ABM conference 2024 attendees with our compliments, we ensure that no one has to navigate breastfeeding alone.

For breastfeeding peer supporters, Anya is a valuable resource to suggest to parents seeking compassionate and evidence-based guidance. We exist to make breastfeeding journeys feel more supported.

Redefining breastfeeding experiences

Encouraging expectant parents to learn more about feeding their babies is key to the Anya programmes; we believe that leading them to information they may never have asked for will result in more babies being breastfed from the start, and for longer. Our research supports this.

Being able to have consistently reliable support available through their phones is really important to new families. Connecting with others via our webinars, drop ins and in-app communities, and being signposted to local resources where appropriate, is always well received.

Behind every breastfed baby there is a family who love them. We know that early relationships influence babies’ brains and their social and emotional development, so we work to include this knowledge in everything we do here at Anya, encouraging healthy parent-infant relationships.

Crafted with empathy and innovation

Our community love Anya

Getting your FREE premium upgrade.

We’re pleased to offer a free one month premium subscription to Anya, for all Breastfeeding Peer Supporters at the ABM Conference 2024. To access your premium account, please follow the instructions below. 

Firstly, you’ll need to download Anya to your mobile device. 


  • If you’re an existing member simply click the upgrade me button on this page, and hey presto, you’re good to go! 
  • If you’re new, click ‘Sign up’ and follow the onboarding process, selecting Breastfeeding Peer Supporter as your ‘Area of Work’. 
  • Once you’re set up, come back to this page and click ‘Upgrade me!’ which will automatically upgrade your account to premium access for 1 month. 


Enjoy the app and don’t hesitate to get in touch at if you have any questions.